The History of the Rainbow Gatherings, and the ‘Rainbow Family.’

There are more than one source of this information. This is an interpretive description, though date and places will be as accurate as possible.

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There are many stories, and not one ‘official’ history of the Rainbow.

It begins in more than one place, with more than one particular group of people.Though some may claim it came from unique source, the truth is that it came about because of many factors in place, and that came into play.

Many think it is a direct result of the so-called ‘hip’ movement of the 60’s, and indeed one of the major components of the phenomenon is that stereotypical image of the pot-smoking, long-haired, ‘hippy.’

There were two major influences in the formulation of the Rainbow; The remnants of the antiwar movement, and the Grateful Dead. Connected to, and behind a lot of it, was secret CIA ops, including the notorious ‘MK Ultra’ experiments done by the CIA and the US Military. In later years there has been accusations of collusion with the CIA and government, since the first ‘VORTEX” festival in Oregon, 1971.

The “Rainbow” is the people. It is the people themselves that have always brought the rainbow gatherings to life. So the history of the Rainbow is not represented by any special group of people, but is the sum and total experience of everyone who ever attended. Their history is the history of the rainbow.

Do not be confused by those who claim distinction and some kind of arbitrary
authority -they are not any authority, regardless of ‘who’ they are, when they came, or how many gatherings they’ve attended. There is one group that now professes to be the ‘founders’ of the Rainbow Gatherings, and in fact have made a big deal out out of publishing their stories as ‘hipstory’ of the gathering, as if their experiences were the pinnacle of the Rainbow Gathering experience.

This is simply not true. There are stories of incredible feats of High Spiritual Magic, and Prayer, Faith and Belief. There are tales of cosmic synchronicity that defy any norms. But these are not the tales of the ‘hipstory;’ that dry render is drowned in mundanity and mediocrity.

So the only true history that can be told are the stories of countless individuals, most not considered ‘worthy’ enough to share the spotlight with the cult of the ‘rainbow family of living light.’

This cult, though very prominent in the rainbow and directly responsible for the lack of progressive direction in the 43 years the Rainbow gatherings have been in existence, is not the whole of Rainbow. This cult that calls itself a family, has literally broken the rainbow from within.
In keeping with the Kesey/Ram Das/Grateful Dead/Merry Prankster element that dominated the Rainbow Gatherings during the primetime, heyday of the boomer generation; the society of rainbow was formed. in a holding pattern of ‘hippy’ tradition, salted with a smattering of bits and pieces from the beliefs of indigenous peoples in North and South America, the ‘tradition’ of rainbow was established.

There are many facets to the levels of experience that one may find at a rainbow gathering, but the mainstream aspect of the experience is steeped in subterfuge, denial, and opportunism.

In the 43 years (as of this writing) that the gatherings have been in existence, the potential power of the collective that gathers has been deliberately diffused and denied by the Rainbow Elite A.K.A. the ‘high hippy elders’ and their ass-kissing minions. No actions have been taken by the rainbow to actually address the horrendous situations that faces the planet and the people. It has merely been a false celebration, a burning of the candle/lamp prematurely and without respect to the truth. Just a party that justifies (and apparently made a lot of money through distribution of various drugs) bad behavior based on a loosely defined criteria of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty.’

Thus the ‘history’ of the Rainbow Gathering is one of stasis, and non-movement. There is nothing to report from the standpoint of the ‘rainbow correct’ ‘history’ which is just a banal record of incompetence and total lack of original, or critical thinking, and nothing of note or worthy of real people.
The history is in the stories of the people, not the ‘High Hippy Elders.’

There is a Facebook group;

There the stories of the people are being assembled, and welcome.

Notably, the mundane, weak, sickly ‘hipstories’ representing the egotistical attitudes of the rainbow elite are
banned from the group. If one wants to check them out (the ‘hipstories’,) by all means do so, but be warned; the content is so dry and boring the only ones who give it any credence are the egos that it showcases. The Real Rainbow is the people, not some arbitrary group of people that claims exclusivity.

Let us then make some history that is worth recording.