The Mission Statement/s

Statement #1

The 'mission' of this project is simply to aid in the transition of the human race from 'homo sapiens' to 'homo sentient.' The focus is on the human family, which ultimately contains all that the human race has to offer itself. The family exists on every social and economic strata known to man. It has always existed. Even in nature the family exists, and is the fundamental life system structure with all warm blooded animals, and other creatures as well. The family of man is currently in a crisis of great proportion. I have no doubt in the spirit of man to endure if the earth is willing, but I only see a few relative choices;

#1. Just go on about business, and wait for catastrophe beyond measure to wipe out most if not all infrastructures of civilization, so that the end resulting death rate compounded by disease decreases the population to pre Bronze Age levels. The idea here is to somehow be one of the lucky survivors, well stocked to meet the needs, and dug into a mountain somewhere in the Rockies or something. ......Lame

#2. Just go on about your business, not worrying, confident that some greater power than yourself is in control, and don't bother yourself with such gloom and doom. The best revenge is living well they say......Hmmm. Better watch this guy!

#3. Rebel, fight and die. (or be institutionalized for reprogramming)

#4. Rebel, demonstrate, and be ignored. (or worse get a book or movie deal.)

#5. Pray 24-7.

#6. Become a wealthy guru. (Spread pre-packaged enlightenment for a one time only price of just $19.99!)

#7. Run away and hide. (Oh that's right, there's nowhere left!)

Please excuse my humor. In my mind the last and only real choice is to become empowered with the truth, so that empowerment can be extended into the family, from the microcosm of the household to the macrocosm of the community. That relationship is damaged, and strained by many factors, not the least of which is money, and the whole cultural addiction to it's fear based corruption of natural systems. To some this may be merely an opinion that they can comfortably scoff at and ignore, personally I have to say;
"Scoff and feel comfortable, we are a sea of possibilities of which you are just one." All the multifaceted levels of what the universe, the earth and life itself has to offer us as the family are being exploited and wasted at an alarming rate. Certain core belief systems are absolutely based on fear and destruction, which has led to the current state of affairs. The historical, and experiential knowledge of the true rulers of the earth and their agenda, when stated in my writings will likely be left un-believed, and that awareness fortunately is not a prerequisite for right and positive action, so believe or not I personally don't care.

I am an ancient Piscean recently translated into Aquarian. Though I am deeply, and thoroughly cognizant in so many ways of all that has come about to this point, the contrasting perspective of the new and wondrous unknown leaves me in a comparable state to that of 'recently reborn.' That part of me which has in a sense become fulfilled, (Piscean) now becomes the water in the pail that my new self is carrying (Aquarian.)
The Piscean age was full of darkness like the depths of the oceans, it was serious and somber, like a stormy sky. It was also full of creation, and possibilities. Out of it have come the greatest men to ever walk the earth. Out of it humanity gained the power and resources to begin the long journey to the surface, to the light, and the freedom to think, and grow.

This new age that we find ourselves at the beginning of cannot be measured by the standards of the last age, and those who choose to cling to the ways of the past will be in the back of the line slowing down the progress for the rest of us. In this new age certain truths will be inherently understood by the Aquarian minded, while others will still struggle with the transition.

Though patience is a requirement that cannot be gotten around, there is no point for me in participating in programs or systems that are based in the Piscean standards. The price of wisdom, freedom, a good life, and a vision of eternity do not, nor have they ever had, any connection whatsoever to the weights and measures of exchange and commerce. "Money can't buy me Love."

To those who feel that their success in serving the true ultimate goals of human progress is limited, and inseparably tied to money, propriety, and possession; You will find no agreement with me. A most true statement was made at the beginning of the last age that is the absolute formula for true success; "Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven, then all else shall be added to you." Not, "Get a job, buy a house, feel comfortable with your bank account, then look for Heaven."

I do live in contemporary America, and must work within the parameters of this so flawed system. I too must obtain Caesars coin to buy God's a point. I do not have to give allegiance to it's falseness, or support it's base of fear by giving in to it's well crafted illusion that there is no other way, that “It's the only game in town." At the moment that system seems to have the upper hand, but that too is well orchestrated, an academy award performance, but there are some who begin to see the truth that it
is painted over. The power that perpetuates this insidious plan is the same power that will ultimately 'defeat' and replace it. The same 'won't' that is the negative pattern of will, a stubbornness that is a negative value of strength, that supports fear, if turned around becomes the force of agreement, and change of reality. The same belief that is in fear, that perpetuates destruction if turned to faith, becomes the power of creation. These and even more are natural attributes of the power and authority of man. Those attributes have been corrupted, and subverted but their movement towards the positive cannot be stopped.

This is priority number one to me. I have 'swum' from the primordial depths of life, and existence into the light of the dawn of eternity, there is just no way any one is going to get me to swim back
I will as the first moderator (hopefully this will change at some point) of the content of this website will attempt to carry out my volunteer activities here with an open mind, and a non-partisan journalistic attitude. At this time the content reflects my opening statement to the community of the new Renaissance, and though I personally believe in it, it is not the intention of this project, it's website and any further content from sources currently undisclosed or unknown to be a showcase for me, my opinions, or creations. I will have my own personal website/s for that.

T. E. Hubbard: A.K.A. the artist formerly known as “Vision.”