About Whole Earth Family

In all of man's history, spanning every nation, tribe and culture since the very beginning of humanity as we know it, the family is at the core of every social, political, and religious movement and organization ever conceived for the betterment of humankind. Not all organization conceived and implemented however, has been for the holistic benefit of mankind. Since the rise to dominant power by the corporate heads of the capitalistic empire - currently led by the United States, the family of man has suffered greatly. Whole cultures have vanished into the dust of the history which "favors the victors." Whole species of plants and animals have become extinct under the destructive boot of 'progress.'

The facts and information concerning all these negative conditions facing all life on planet earth are to be found quite easily. At this time, though somewhat belatedly, there is an upward flow of consciousness becoming all too aware of these dire conditions facing our future on the earth. The conversations are no longer limited to academics, and cosmic warriors, people are talking all over the world. The media has taken a slight interest in reporting some of these issues, and ignorance is no longer an option for intelligent, thinking people.

The problems are all too evident, and numerous enterprising entities have capitalized on them. Individuals are getting claim to fame as they spout off the list of wrongs in a growing chorus of doomsayers. The corporate destroyers themselves are creating elaborate audio and visual propaganda to convince their consumer targets to believe in their 'concerns' for the environment, pollution, poverty, etc. All of these are doing none of us, or the earth any good however, as the destruction continues with no signs of slowing down. All of these are merely extensions of the problem, as they attempt with much success to cover their tracks of greed and exploitation with good words that were essentially stolen from the true seekers of Truth and Wisdom.  (all of whom have suffered greatly for their attempts to give truth to their fellow man, and most of them died for it.)

What is distinctly missing from the uproar of negative finger pointing, is applicable solutions. Solutions that can, do, and will work to fix some problems and offer possibilities for others that are not forthcoming from the media, or organizations supposedly dedicated to just such solution finding. There is an unfortunate fact that must be addressed by any individuals or groups of individuals that wish to effect positive change in the way humanity does his daily business of living on earth; that is the fact that any action which is motivated by greed and or profit, regardless of it's claims is in no way contributing towards true solutions, and in fact though it may look good in a TV commercial, is actually just piling more fuel on an already out of control fire of ignorance and confusion.

This website, and all that is to come that is related to it, is about the human family, and the inherent natural solutions that exist within that pre-ordained structure of human life and society. We are dedicated to providing working solutions to the problems facing our world, not merely pointing out the obvious problematic situations that any informed person is already aware of. It is true that one must have a good idea of what they are up against before they can formulate a plan of action to deal with it...that information as stated earlier is abundantly available, and because of that (and the distinct lack of positive solution) Whole Earth Family will not, except where necessary for understanding, devote time, energy, and webspace to those concepts which we feel are just negative hysterics about a situation that requires sincere efforts to resolve.

This is not to say that we are defenseless and unarmed should we come under attack by the corporate enemies of all life on planet earth. This does not mean that any new revelations concerning the corruption rampant in western capitalism will be ignored either. These things are simply not the intention and focus of this site, and the people who come together under it's banner.

The growth and manifestation of this concept is in the hands of Spirit, and is not dictated by any individual; we accept no leadership except the Truth, and recognize that no individual now living encompasses truth entirely (religious debate about the validity of various religious prophets and teachers of historical note, are not encouraged or even a part of the intentions or activities of this site and community, (though references to the truths inherent in their teachings may be used as comparative illustrations.)

Time is short for us all my fellow creatures, and enough time has already been wasted on esoteric debates that have no purchase in actual reality. There is truly a great deal of information to be sorted out, but that dialogue should be live and personal between humanity as a whole and not aligned with any particular organization. There are solution-based movements attempting to be heard over the corporate-controlled volume and distraction, and those are what we will dedicate this site to showcasing, and revealing.

We are only in the beginning stages of this project. We are 'non-profit' in the truest sense of the term, in that we seek no monetary compensation, no notoriety, fame, or a spot on the tonight show. Our concerns are exactly as stated. Any volunteer contributions of any kind are welcome, but we are deliberately not acknowledging the hypocrisy currently surrounding accredited 'non-profit' organizations; no one will be drawing wages and salaries from a government sanctioned bank account, and we will not be applying for 'non-profit' tax status.

In the days and weeks ahead, please come back and visit this site for the growing lists, showcases, and community actions that will be available here.
  Thank you for your interest