Listings for websites and organizations which are directly or indirectly actually assisting in providing and proving alternative solutions to the global problems confronting the earth and the human family. As time permits, and interest develops this list will grow. What will be distinctly missing from this list will be Shams and Scams. At some point I will devote a page of listings for those, like a 'wall of shame' the internet is currently full of them. All the links on this page will be reviewed and commented upon where necessary.



MUJCA-NET is a group of scholars, religious leaders and activists dedicated to uniting members of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths in pursuit of 9/11 truth. They believe that the process of joining together in search of the truth about 9/11 will bring enormous benefits, regardless of what truths may be discovered. While their endorsers and supporters have different views about the probable level of US government complicity in 9/11, there is agreement that a new, honest investigation of the possibility of official complicity is a matter of the most urgent national and global importance.    WE AGREE TOO!


Neriah, a personal good friend of mine has written a book called "Dancing in the Shadow of Tyranny" which is a must read for those who feel the rising current of the New Renaissance. Here is a fresh, but experienced and honest look at both the micro and macrocosms of the human psyche, and it's cause and effect relationship with the very fabric of reality itself. The author compares his own inner tyrant to the destructive tyrants of social and political ilk. I found it interesting, well written , and with a unique perspective that may surprise the reader. He is selling his book on his website. For now I believe that is the easiest way to get a copy. It is worth it. 


TakilmaFM is a new site that will feature many live discussions, performances, as well as archived features from the now defunct Takilma FM radio. They re-join the cause for Peace and Sanity on planet earth. Their site is just going up, so folks will just have to keep checking to see what's up. 



Giop's is a band. Reggae and ska rendered in true original tradition. I include them here because they have expressed to me, and shown me the sincerity of their dedication to truth through musical creative expression, a scenario which is very close to my own heart. Enjoy


Cannabis News features not only up to date stories, but also a great forum for expressing views. This site has got all the information for understanding the current 'Prohibition' and reveals the true nature of America's "Drug War."


Another great place to gather important information about issues, and links to other sites and groups of folks working towards solutions, and sanity.


CANNABLOG - A blog discussion about everything from Cannabis prohibition to The New Renaissance - lots of interesting information


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