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      © 2017 T.E. Hubbard

      I wrote these songs for you
      because I could not speak it plain.

      To make it small and simple,
      yet still the truth contain.

      The words cost you nothing,
      the music an added plus.

      All in the effort to communicate
      the possibilities of us.

      Still the separate reality
      created by malignant mind,

      rules the day
      putting your consciousness behind.

      Each moment an elusive mystery.

      Truth is self evident,
      yet there is a catch 22.

      You must lose your mind,
      kill your ego and learn that WE ALL MUST DO
      what WE ALL MUST DO.

      If there were no deception,
      no corrupted diseased perception,
      and reality was not a question,
      other points might exceptionally be raised.

      However, the truth has not been pretty,
      since we hit the nitty gritty,
      and all got herded to the city,
      and built the wrong temple to be praised.

      Problems have no solution
      when they are hidden and not revealed.
      One cannot expect a bleeding wound
      by ignorance to be healed.

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