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    There was a stupid man

    who had a stupid wife.

    he lived in a stupid house,

    and had a stupid life.

    He had a stupid car

    that ran on stupid gas,

    and lived on stupid money

    earned from stupid past.

    Everything he said

    was just a stupid waste of time,

    and all of his stupid poetic nonsense,

    was just a stupid rhyme.

    He believed in stupid things,

    and acted in stupid ways.

    He lived in a stupid town,

    and spent his stupid days

    pursuing stupid truth

    that the stupid world denies,

    while stupidly attempting

    to reveal the stupid lies.

    His stupidity was offensive

    to the stupid population

    who were stupidly engaged

    in stupid self elevation.

    He played stupid music

    that the stupid could not hear,

    full of stupid words

    that the stupid greatly fear.

    He wrote stupid stories

    that he stupidly thought

    might change his stupid income

    but stupid was all he got.

    He was told that he was stupid

    but he stupidly resisted,

    so the stupid civilization

    stupidly assisted

    with stupid techno toys,

    and stupid internet,

    to occupy his stupid time

    with stupid information,

    and stupid invented debt.

    When his stupid life was over,

    Another stupid man took his place,

    and continued the stupidity

    into stupid time and space.

    There is a stupid moral,

    to this stupid tale,

    but the stupid do not care,

    its too stupid to regale.

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