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      Following the Oracle;

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      First we have to identify the problem it goes all way back to Woodstock. That is where neo-liberalism for my generation started. You see it was not as peaceful as they would like you to think. Because Abby Hoffman of the Chicago 10 jumped on stage to ask 500,000 to march on Washington after the concert and Pete Townsend of the WHO was coming onstage and knocked him out with his Gibson. Off the stage Abbey goes. He was medivac’d out. Not 3 days of non violence. Also everyone was ok with that because they believed in the Media that he incited a riot in Chicago which we all know the police beat the crap out of everyone not Abbey Hoffman or any of them.

      Now fast forward 1 year to Portland Oregon where all these newly formed communes were in the North West. Months after Kent State the American Legion was having their annual  convention and Nixon was going to stop by.  Anti-War activist began to mobilize the National Guard began to mobilize. So the people we now know as the high hippie elders, Love camp one, in Seattle, Love camp 2 in Northern Washington State had a Festival of Live called The Vortex 1 that got the anti war movement off the street when it should have been strong after Kent State. We were out east and in California. Here is the story. from Wikipedia.

      “In 1970, then-President Richard Nixon scheduled an appearance at an American Legion convention in Portland, Oregon, in order to promote the continuation of the Vietnam War.<sup id=”cite_ref-2″ class=”reference”>[2]</sup> A coalition of Portland-based anti-Vietnam War groups, called the People’s Army Jamboree, planned a series of demonstrations and other anti-war activities, to be held at the same time as the convention. Law enforcement at all levels, expecting massive numbers of protesters on both sides, were concerned about large-scale violence—an FBI report estimated a potential crowd of 25,000 Legionnaires and 50,000 anti-war protestors, and suggested that the result could be worse than the protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

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      So. Lets further define that, break it down a bit; the initial foundation, the very root of what would become known as ‘Rainbow’ is basically a government/corporate (because we know that corporations and their elite share holders are the puppet masters of governments) diversion. It is designed and implemented as a tactic to attract and segregate a particular american culture, or rather more specifically subculture that we know as ‘the counter culture.’

      Allow me to insert a thought here; pogrom.

      There are several historic pogroms of note that most people brought up in a Judeo-Christian society know. The biblical pogroms, and some of the most recent called the ‘holocaust’ and ‘ethnic cleansing.’ Not many understand the pogrom against the generation born after the events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

      One might ask,”Huh? Whats this got to do with rainbow?”

      Allow me to elucidate.

      The aspects of the rainbow, or at least the rainbow potential, have always been wrapped up in prophecy. Not any one prophecy alone -which is where stiff necks get hung up (pun intended) – but in every actual real prophecy that was given about this time, this era of earth’s and humanity’s greatest need and distress, there is a projection of a solution.

      As the potential collective consciousness of the planet, or at least our role as caretakers was foretold to rise at a certain time, under certain prophesied or pre-recorded conditions, the Powers and Principalities were prepared. Vietnam was a general pogrom against a generation that was prophesied to produce something, someone, or numbers of people that would threaten the stability of the status quo.

      The CIA flooded the country, and the counterculture with heroin, cocaine, LSD, and other chemical drugs as another facet of that pogrom. Our music was co-opted and hi jacked through the music industry, the same subsidiary of the Motion Picture Corporation of America (MPCA) that had formerly had as its head Mr Ronald Reagan, and was instrumental in the prohibition of cannabis and hemp during the 30’s.

      The cannabis prohibition was escalated into the ‘war on drugs’ BTW officially declared by Mr. Reagan when he became president.

      The ‘war on drugs’ was a pogrom.

      Where was a truth seeking, pot smoking, music loving potential prophet or progenitor of prophets to go? To the woods.

      So an extended idea of gathering -first like the Vortex, which was in a park and very near a metropolitan city, was taken to the woods. Because that’s the place one might find the living spiritual source of the actual threat to the rulers of the nations. It is also the place one might be able to trap, or isolate any potential perceived threats of that nature.

      “Where the body is the vultures will gather.”

      There is certainly more to the story, on the magical, spiritual side of the story. The thing that the original founders and instigators sought with this clever plot to ensnare, delay, and mis-direct, came together in spite of it, and ironically; was demonstrably empowered by it.

      The real and true spiritual peoples found their way to the light anyway, and now their children are loose in the world.

      But I digress.

      It is all a pogrom, a design to halt the movement of reason, intuition, and imagination that is naturally inclined towards the hope of a better world than this. Not planet, ‘world.’

      Within a gathering of people whose thoughts and ideas are vibrating on a similar wavelength or frequency, there is power that is only barely understood by adversarial occult, but not grasped in any significant way by the people themselves. At a rainbow gathering, the combination of that power, and the power of the earth can be tapped into.

      That is not a revealed subject, though there are those who have been drawing from that energy and power for decades. I refer to them as low level sorcerers.

      These are the fundamental reasons why it is time to take the best of what the Rainbow Gathering vibration was, leave the husk of the seed, the shell of the egg, and the torn shroud of the cocoon to the earth, to recycle.

      But there are other reasons. The list of grievance can get rather long, and maybe it should. But I’ll throw it back out there.

      What other identifications can anyone offer. What do we take and what do we leave?

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      Jagged star

      With this being said and fully agreed with it is hard to say except on the level of personal vibrations being explored and set.  There are only certain beings to be able to trust as I have found and am still searching.

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      As an follow up/update, the 2017 Rainbow Gathering in Oregon was the worst gathering in the history of rainbow gatherings.

      Some of us intuited disaster by the way the so-called ‘rainbow councils’ were being controlled and dominated by certain individuals and groups of individuals. We knew it would be a disaster as soon as they made the area public.

      At that point it became so predictable that I made a video called “Goodbye Rainbow” which I will place after this post. Even though I was slightly off by a few miles, the nature of the land; dusty and dry, the source of the water; a stream contaminated by cattle and containing the ‘norovirus’ that infected over half of the attendees, and the general over all vibe were predicted with a high amount of accuracy. As I said, it was predictable. It didn’t take some mystical power, or special education.

      The site chosen for the gathering literally killed one older man by its extreme conditions. People were beaten. Two others died from drug overdose, and one pregnant woman lost her full term child because she and her husband were fleeing the conditions of the gathering to get her and their coming child to a safe place. They were stopped by the cops and while being held and intimidated, she went into labor. She forcibly stopped her urges to push, and the child was not born but died in the birth canal. Imagine.

      So many people were without a clue of proper woodsmanship and hygiene that the first people to get the virus from the water were ignorant if not stupid, and they promptly barfed and shit it back onto the ground which dried and became dust that everyone was breathing, and then over 10,000 people were infected. -who all barfed and shit all over the ground, which became  dust. OMG.

      People’s cars were being towed, people were stranded with no help from ‘family’ or ‘public servant.’

      Older people (those who could stand the dust) were ignored and treated badly. -like the one who died at the main circle one day.

      Yeah sure, almost half didn’t get sick, and some had a great time! But there’s a huge chunk of denial in the greatness of the time.

      It was a disaster. The feds (BLM) actually set up a camp that was a ‘court’ for processing all the tickets they were giving out on site! Its true!

      In the words of Diana Eagle in reply to a question about the ‘Spring Council’ that she attended in Eugene;

      “The Rainbow is dead. The ego’ s killed it.”

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