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      As renewal for the domain registration approaches its deadline, and my attempts to get more people interested have largely failed, the decision to renew has come with some changes.

      From now on, new members of the forum will have to jump through some hoops, as the registration process as it is allows the creation an AI generated list of members – all with dubious weblinks attached to their posts. The programmers of the simple bot-AI have gotten clever, in that they get the posts to be generically relative, as in “Great post! Blah blah.” But they are just a virtual contaminate that must be dealt with every day. So now you will have to make a request to join either with a member who is already in communication with me, or with me. I am not ready to publish my email just yet, because…

      So for any who want to legitimately be part of this site and forum, and what it is going to morph into real soon, now is the time to take advantage of the open registration.

      The new endeavor that will be announced, may be ready to announce in as little as 30 days, or it may take some more time. The registration stays open til then. I will clean out the digital riff raff as it appears.

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