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      the site is being scouted today.


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      We found a likely spot! We still have a few things to confirm, but there is water, parking, and lots of shade.

      For this gathering we have made some decisions;

      1. We do not want to have anything to do with ‘rainbow’ or ‘rainbow family.’ Anyone who is invited through the non-digital channels of friends and relations will come as an other wise unaffiliated human being. If you consider yourself ‘rainbow’ and find your way, please do not bring the rainbow with you. 
      2. This is the Whole Earth Family Gathering – Southern Oregon Chapter, A.K.A. “The Gathering.”
      3. Food:
        Consider it like a potluck family reunion; bring enough to share as well as enough for yourself. A kitchen is planned, but people should strive to be a self sufficient. self reliant, and self responsible as possible. If the kitchen is to serve the main meals, that which you bring may be the main source of supply.
      4. Pack it in pack it out:
        There are outhouses at one of the connected sites already. But there are no trash cans.
      5. Water:
        There is a year round creek nearby that may be used for respectful non-soap bathing, keeping cool with, and the water, if boiled may be used for cooking, but not advised. There is another source nearby that will be tapped and filtered. Water will be available there and distributed to stations in the main camp. Please feel free to bring as much drinking water as you feel necessary – but be mindful of the empty jugs.
      6. Dogs, guns, drugs, alcohol, and personal liberties:
        Dogs are fine friends for individuals, but they are a nuisance at gatherings. If you have a home, please leave your dogs in good care and don’t bring them.
        Guns are a no brainer. Simple; “No Guns.”
        There will be no need or reason for anything that is not organic or medicinal.
        Absolutely no alcohol. No ‘A’ camp, no condonance, no tolerance.
      7. We intend to focus on consciousness. Discussion and live interaction. We will have at least one camp that is focused as the Academy of High Converse -what the title implies, and artists are encouraged to support the themes of consciousness rising, and truth, as well as Spirit.
      8. If for some reason the intention is spoiled, we will melt away…until the next time.Contact your local friends and family for more information.
        Location to be announced -in general- here first week of august, but maps will only be given to those through word-of-mouth connection.




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      The site is at Sam Brown campground and vicinity. Maps are available through your friends and family. There will be no maps or directions posted here as a deliberate filter to weed out potential destructive energies, such as the ‘rainbow family of living light.’ That cult group is not welcome.

      We are under no obligation to ‘rainbowize’ our gathering, and in fact intend to actually embrace the true and Sacred without the dross of rainbow pretense and facade.

      Real people gathering for real purpose.

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      Today the first camp will be setup in preparation for this weekend. The solar system/stage has been tested to extreme and we are stoked about the results.

      The location is holding steady at the Sam Brown campground – which is where we decided the stage would be located, because there are two large covered gazebo type areas that we can use for music setup. We supply the power with the Miracle on Wheels  2 A.K.A. the “Solar Van.”

      Remember it is a pot luck scenario, and what you pack in you must pack out. There are available forest service outhouses (at least 1 anyway) and a water filtration system is being setup today.

      Sam Brown campground. Near Briggs Valley.

      It is a ‘private‘ event not ‘officially‘ open to the general public, so you must come by your ‘invitation‘ through whom you may know that are connected. It is not a festival or in any way connected to the ‘rainbow’ gatherings.

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