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      Too many people who said they would be part of this can not follow through on their word. I have been patient for several years. I made the investment, built the system, and got agreement, only to have the system get damaged through a general lack of respect for my efforts, and then the ‘agreement’ tossed away with excuses having to do with -what else’ MONEY.

      It is impossible in this world to get people to cooperate on something like this without making capitalistic, proprietarian compromises -which of course, defeats the purpose.

      People have 0 to little faith in anything but the dollar and materialism. They talk about magic and the miraculous, but cannot actually go there. One moment its; “Yeah, we got to change the world!” and the next its, “I got to make money, sorry.”

      I am 65 years old. Half of my good friends -who could actually act outside the boundaries of fear and materialism- are dead. I have no idea how much longer I am going to be made to suffer this corrupted reality. So the idea of waiting to ‘have more money’ before I go to sacred ground and do magical things is actually a slap in the face of the Spirit that calls us to act. Thus eventually my own face begins to sting from the impact.

      The idea that all of this fake shit -on the internet- has more value than say; my intention to share truth, music, and magic with the world has destroyed my ability to use this medium as a tool to support Truth and Spirit. People have been hooked into these false distractions, and their spirits muted. You can point this out, but since it would mean they would have to look at their own shit and make the effort to change, they can easily toss all manner of excuse and denial right back at you.

      I had some high anticipation that my children -who exhibited the potential to carry on where I left off, might be able to stand beside me for a little while before I can no longer stand, and I leave this tragic world behind. They even started to stand and walk the sacred path with me, but in the lines of one of my songs that way too few understand, or even care to understand; “When the dust was clearin’ none was left standin,’ they’d all gone to pay their way.”

      Almost all of my life I have been engaged in struggle with mammon -on some fundamental levels, just like everyone else. But also on some fundamental levels I have refused to BELIEVE in the power of money and ownership, even as I was forced to comply for the sake of my family. But apparently people cannot do what needs to be done in the material world without making some lame excuses about what they think they ‘need.’ Thus the magic and miraculous passes them by.

      Fortunately for me, I stepped outside the walls and boundaries of materialistic fear quite a few times in my life, and got to participate and experience high magic and the miraculous. I have these jewels, these pearls of great price to take with me when i leave. I was hoping to add a few more before my time here is up, but its not looking like that is going to happen.

      What power and magic that the Spirit has given me, may just slowly fade with me until I am gone.

      I can hardly stand for more than a few minutes at a time, thus my actual physical ability to stand and play my music in front of people is nearly gone forever. There aren’t a lot of chances left.

      So there was this opportunity to do that, maybe one last time, with one of the only friends I have left who is willing to stand beside me. He nearly died himself this past year, and I personally admire his fortitude. But we cannot do it alone. He will continue to try, and I will take part where I can, but the magical vision of ‘The Show’ is fading into a past that is nearly already forgotten.

      Those young people who should have stepped up have stepped off. They are forgiven for their ignorance, but I cannot stop the regret that they will have when the last of us is gone.

      I was not born out of happenstance. It was not just the coupling of my genetic father and mother that brought me into being, I came with purpose and with some intention already in place. I have followed through on that intention, and though I am no perfect specimen, and have my own faults and shortcomings, I do have some guarantees that have been validated over and over again in my life.

      One of those is the FACT that we are in what some refer to as ‘The Last Days.’ Ironically, though this fact has been denied by almost all up to now, and tongues are wagging all over the place about it, they are so far behind in the acceptance of it, a lot of them are literally going to die with surprise on their faces.

      I am not special, but I do possess special dispensations in my awareness, knowledge, and some abilities. I was gifted some things that are apparently so obscure in the doctored-up, fake reality, that they cannot be seen, or understood by those that need to wake up and smell the coffee.

      Here is a fact that may be knowledge, it may be belief; This the Spirit showed me as a young man.

      When it is time for me to leave, the window of opportunity to do these things is going to close. I have tried to communicate this but the youngers invariably cop some attitude that its just my ego or something. Its not about me, but it is most assuredly about what I have been given to know.

      It does not look good for those that will be left behind.

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      I’m here

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        Well, in the words of a dear departed friend; “Never Give In, Never Give Up.”
        But sometimes you got to change course, particularly if the way you are traveling doesn’t seem to get you where you want to go.

        This is why I have had a minor epiphany concerning this site and concept. Stand by as I run it through a few non-public heads for consideration and maybe some refinement.

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