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      “Selective Bias,” “Cherry Picking,” “Subjective Validation,” “Confirmation Bias,” “Selective Exposure,” – these all scratch the surface of a psychological phenomenon that has done as much or more for the establishment of ‘class’, the division of humanity based on arbitrary ‘value’ and ‘worth,’ the creation of a ‘New World Order.’ and the elevation of falsehood to the status of ‘truth.’

      The institution of Law has used these techniques to validate and exemplify the ‘logic’ of ‘legal proof’ – technicality over fact and truth. “Legaleze” is an example of this.

      But the most damning use of these obfuscational practices is to be found in religion.

      In religion there is no room for true logic, or reasonable challenge to conceptual reality based on any criteria except the closed, static, cyclical, finite thinking recited over and over, as if the more one states a lie the truer it gets.

      In religion there is a hierarchy of control that invariably points towards some ‘authority’ – not Spiritual Authority, but ‘scriptural authority’ which is devised, contrived, constructed and designed to fulfill the original definition of religion itself, which is; “To constrain, or hold back.” Anyone with practiced deception, charisma, or memorization can stand up and preach. Preachers are just politicians for god. And their ‘god’ serves their purposes of self-aggrandizement and separation from the ‘common’ man.

      This perpetuation of ignorance has served adversarial spirit and consciousness more than it has ever served True Sacred Spirit.

      The spouters of closed logic like to claim that their insane repetition of mis-interpreted, mis-translated, mis-understood ‘scripture’ is not only ‘The Truth’ but they go a step further in their presumption, and claim that their little slice of the scriptural pie is somehow absolute and finitely complete, and they like to call it ‘The Living Word.’

      This is an oxymoron to any thinking person. To any person capable of seeking truth without blindly accepting these deceptive precepts, this is a crime against not only Truth itself, but the Actual True Source, which is generically referred to by those ignorant of the real essence as ‘God.’

      Of course there is an element of truth that is attached to the selective compilations of ‘the bible’ for example, and any actual seeker of truth will find points of reference that they can honestly call ’the Truth.’ However that ‘element’ is static, unchanging, and though many like to refer to their personal beliefs in these finite, selective, unmoving, non-interactive fractures of a once-upon-a-time-truth as ‘standing on The Rock’ (the implied assumption is that that ‘rock’ is the truth) the fact is, that an actual physical, ‘real’  rock is more alive than this.

      There is an axiom, originating with the Roman legions that first attempted to conquer the world by force; “Divide and conquer.” By creating division in the rank and file of humanity, any organized and powerful group of humans can easily overpower, conquer, and subjugate all the fractures into the dominion of its ideology. The True history of the Christian church reveals this. It starts with the fact that the religion itself is a mere graft onto the tree of Roman Empire, and progresses through the fear-mongering, bloody aggression that formed what is known as christianity into the service of the elite rulers of this realm.

      The Roman Empire – starting with Constantine, assimilated SELECT texts and perspectives into their various doctrines of control and manipulation that became the Roman Catholic Church. The claim that only certain ‘appointed’ persons should have power over all the rest, was propagated and upheld through fear and force for many centuries after the selection of the ‘books’ that would for the next 1600 years be known as “The Bible.” Many other aspects of the doctrines of the Roman assimilation; of the record, words, and teachings of Y’shua into its traditional pantheon have assisted in the stifling of original thought, dissent, and personal liberties. These doctrinal ‘laws’ maintained the ancient order of power and rule, as defined by the Roman Catholic doctrine of ‘divine right of kings.’

      For a mere 400 years after the historical advent of Yashua ben Yoseph, (misnamed ‘Jesus’ and titled ‘Christ’ after selective surgery on the many perspectives of the various congregations and ‘sects’ of the earlier followers of Y’shua) there was movement of thought, open discussion and debate, and even acceptability of the differences that resulted according to regional, cultural, and racial interpretations of the teachings and story of Y’shua. Then the ‘selection’ and final collection of SELECTED writings (none of the parts of the so-called ‘New Testament’ existed until decades or a century after the end of Y’shua’s story on earth) that became the Bible, (which means ‘book’) that some call “The Living Word.” Then the persecution of any who did not accept these edicts of the church began. For over a thousand years darkness and ignorance ruled in the guise of religion with the falsely claimed authority of god!

      It was not until after the debacle of the “Crusades” – a 200 year descent into even greater darkness and ignorance, that resulted in the very kharmic spread of the Bubonic Plague across the known world, that the Truth was set free. That disease, contrary to the errant beliefs of the church powers, showed no mercy or respect of persons, and the leadership of both the Holy Roman Empire, and its many vassal kingdoms was devastated.  Millions of people died. Lands and estates were emptied of their controlling elites, and the opportunity for people to reach out and gain new perspective and knowledge was inadvertently expanded.

      The historical fact of the revolution of Martin Luther pointed out, as exemplified in the testimony of Y’shua, who claimed that the ‘Kingdom of Heaven was within;’ that any man (or woman) could have access to the Truth of the Creator, and Y’shua. This event coincided with the advent of the printing press, which greatly accelerated the conditions that led to the Renaissance, and the resulting revolutions round the world that have slowly sloughed off the yokes of tyranny and empire.

      There have been just as many mistakes and error in the doctrines of law, economics, and science, as was made by the church. However, the unholy fact is that the Powers and Principalities of this world have consistently used the doctrines of churchianity to ‘prove’ their power and authority, and insulate themselves from exposure and the truth.

      The partial empowerment of the ignorant through falsifying the content and intent of the original teachings and message of Y’shua ben Yoseph, is historically exemplified in the sacking of the ancient Library at Alexandria by the christian mobs – called “cretins” by the Ptolemy Egyptian/Greeks. Most, if not all of those people could not read, and acted 100% according to the design and intent of the New Roman Rule that called itself ‘Holy.’ By the time Protestantism began to grow in Europe as an alternative to the corrupted Catholicism, the books that made up the Bible were already embedded in the euro cultures and though a change in interpretation was highlighted by the Lutheran revolution, the essence of corruption remained.

      In a metaphorical/parable sense, the “Original root of the tree of christian religion was rotten, and corrupted from its inception during the time of Constantine, and got narrower in scope, and even more corrupted until the first attempt to fix it in the 1500s. That attempt notwithstanding, the corruption of the branch of protestantism is directly related to the Roman root. If the root is rotten, how is the fruit?

      In my life and experience, I have tested the waters of every religion, but none as intently and thoroughly as christianity. I have not only read the Bible several times, but still use the gospels as reference to idea and understandings that life itself has shown me. ironically my own spiritual journeys have gained me many epiphanies and understandings of the true meanings of Y’shua’s teaching. Very few of them coincide with the doctrines of church and religion, but all of them are in harmony with each other.

      There are no parts of truth in contention with any other parts. Only the contentious spirit disagrees with truth. Understanding what the truth is however, is a catch-22 scenario when attempting to update and clarify doctrinal ignorance with enlightened truth. The ones who have wrapped themselves uptight in the narrow framework of illogical, unprovable, church-defined conclusion cannot give ground to reason, logic, fact, or truth, because they have boxed it all into one small package that is acceptable to small minded thinkers, and usable by the Powerful Elite. Intermediate knowledge is available for the slightly larger minded, in the form of secret societies, fraternal ‘brotherhoods,’ and Elite controlled institutions. However the REAL truth is available only to the Elite of the Elite (for example; the ‘33rd Degree” of the Masons) and those few who manage to throw off the veils of deceptions and the shackles of mind, perpetuated by the ruling/controlling factions, and are not found out by the same.

      Thus the obfuscation of truth is the real battle front in the war against truth. And make no mistake, by all definition and meaning of the term, it is a war. One I did not declare, and could personally have gotten by without knowing about or seeing in my life, however the fact of it has never left my awareness.

      Since the turn of the age a few years before this writing, there has been a notable increase in what I would call the ‘dialogue of Truth’ or perhaps as some have heard me refer to it as ‘High Converse.’ Many of the youth like to think that the consciousness revolution in progress is a result of the internet. This is a reasonable, logical conclusion based on the perspective of one born or come to full faculty after the internet. While it is a fact that the internet has in some important and notable ways, accelerated some aspects of the awakening consciousness, it is also factual that it has in the fashion of all things true and free, been assimilated by the Romans, and is now well on the way to conformity with the ways and means of the established Orders of Rule and Dominion.

      One can find anything they choose on the internet. The search engines know what you are looking for after a dozen or so searches. If you want to find something that supports your opinion, and by the same illusion of authority that several generations believed ‘as seen on TV’ as some kind of truth qualifier, the internet now claims that same illusion. youtube -for example- is now the number one source of the common perception of ‘truth.’

      The rants have moved into the 21st century.

      The irony in my experience was knowing most of it long before the internet, and the common ideas that it is all ‘new’ or has just been ‘discovered’ have caused reaction in me ranging from humor to anger. When first certain information, perhaps we can call it ‘apocalyptic’ in nature, first began to appear online, it uncannily coincided with the major false-flag event we call 9/11. Within just a few years after that, incredible information (stuff I personally tried to communicate a long time ago with only a tiny amount of success) that was rejected almost wholesale less than 10 years before became an inundation. Suddenly there was ‘the truth about this’ and ‘the truth about that’ and a veritable college of experts whose expertise is nothing other than a video on youtube. On the one hand, the truth is out. On the other, it has been quickly, easily, and thoroughly watered down to tripe and BS. This process is identical to the processes that established religious doctrine, and the resulting enslavement of humanity to darkness and ignorance.

      There is a “Living Word.” It is The Truth. However that which is alive moves, vibrates, reacts, interacts, and integrates with that which is also alive. That which is alive is constrained or held back only by finite, sedentary, divisive, and separatist belief systems. It is in the nature of life to ‘go forth and multiply,’ and understanding allows one to know that this goes far beyond just propagation of the species. That which lives does not live in a box or a book. The idea that is in the box, or in the book may live in the consciousness of the one who picks it up or reads it, but unless the consciousness sees further, that which is contained does not grow or make a change to embrace the expanding parameters and boundaries of life. The ‘Living Word” resides in the Living Consciousness and nowhere else. It is not so small as to be limited to such mistakes as religion, or any doctrines from any source other than that which is a live and within us.

      The truth does not equivocate. It is not separate from the whole. It cannot be defined or made finite. Only Absolute Consciousness can speak absolutely. One may hear that Voice, but they cannot recreate it in their own image, for they are already. You cannot “Cherry Pick” proofs from any context to support your “Subjective Validation” or uphold your “Confirmation Bias.” This “Selective Exposure” is but one branch on the tree of ignorance and corruption, but it follows a pattern. Do you see it?

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