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      Paradigm shift is another one of the new “Im dropping this all the time like a multidimensional world shifter” terms but I often ask, to what are we shifting it? Whats the goal? Or at least what are some examples of what we’d like to see reality become? We often speak of “consciousness expanding” or perhaps holistic community activism or the even more tenuous “gosh, can’t we all just get along” but who about some specific, concrete examples of things we’d like to see in the world Perhaps even things not related to what anyone else is doing?

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      A few years back, when Rob was still with us, there was an event that occurred. I believe you and I have already discussed some of it, but it is relevant to your question.

      The long and short of it, is that on a certain date, totally synchronistic with the Mayan Calendar reference, the long time believed, but never seen “High Council” was revealed to both Rob and I, as well as Ebram -tho it took him some time to realize it.

      The surprise in seeing/feeling/intuitively communicating with that council – that had been up to that point, only revealed and known in dreams and altered states of mind and consciousness- was shared globally at that moment in time.

      We actually got to the point in the global esoteric discussion, about “What will we/can we take into the new paradigm/reality, and what must we leave behind.?”

      It was then that the debate began, and within a few mere moments had turned into a collective argument.

      Many of our brethren were/are attached to materialistic values of ‘things’ and personal attachments to ‘accrediting’ and ego support.

      That which is part of the design that we cannot, and even must not attempt to change is not of our making, or even dependent in any way on any of our individual decisions. The fact that so many believe more in their own mind and mental programming, than the open ended access to information and understanding represented by the intuitive ‘cloud’ of the collective is and always has been a thorn in the side of true consciousness evolution.

      The idea of a paradigm shift into higher consciousness has been around for a long time, but the emphasis must be placed on the ‘idea’ rather than the actuality.

      Having began some of this conversation on the other side of the age, I have a good perspective on the distinct difference between talking about it, and being it.

      Many people believe that their mental exercises and programmed responses are who they are. They are not cognizant of their “I AM Consciousness” because of that. They still invest their faith and belief in fallen archetypes, and in the false values those archetypes programmed into us for thousands of years. Thus the argument about what was worthy to carry (like the water and fish in the bucket that the Aquarian character carries) over into the ‘new paradigm.’

      There are certain misunderstandings about the actual state of the collective consciousness, just like there is a common mistake in associating mind as consciousness.

      So to further break down your question; What do we take, what do we leave. Because we are most definitely heading in a direction that will be decided by these criteria.

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      I think the question is best answered by revealing what we don ‘t want, as what we do want I ┬ábelieve is already established within universal application and relativity.


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      “There will come a time when a man will not say to another man ‘Know (God)’ because every one will have it written in their hearts.”


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