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    The recent debacle involving white supremacists, and protesters in Charlotte has shown a very dark and scary thing to us.

    The hatred and anger is real. But it is not limited to any particular issue. Tempers and attitudes are as hot as the temperatures – about anything and everything that people feel bad about.

    The reasons and justifications are all valid, and none are valid. But the ugly facts reveal that adversarial consciousness -whether one gives it a name or not- is winning.

    I myself just experienced being in the wrong, while feeling quite justified and right about it. I had reasons, and to me they were good ones, until the damage was done, and i realized I’d just driven my metaphorical car into the feelings of my own good friends and family.

    As I have dealt with adversarial consciousness many times over in my life and experience, some time after the damage was done, I recognized that I’d allowed adversarial consciousness to rule my words and actions. If I can I will try to heal the wounds I have inflicted. Fortunately the wound is only emotional and of words, but I see in retrospect that I have done the unthinkable and allowed the Adversary to speak with my mind.

    This brings me to the point;

    There is a war between metaphorical ‘light’ and ‘darkness.’ It is not a religious myth, or a psychotic paranoid delusion. It is very real. The fact that humanity is delving not only willingly, but with great vigor and enthusiasm into the pit of destructive negativity – on all ‘sides’ of any conflict that presents itself, is indicative of the fact that we are losing that war.

    I have followed the path of truth, Love, Peace, and righteousness all of my life, I suffered great pains aimed at my consciousness intended to derail my Spiritual focus and intentions, yet I managed to endure and overcome almost all of them, until now.

    The adversary has managed to divide us into so many fractured mind sets, all determinately against so many other factions, that war is surely upon us. It may be only a matter of time before the war between us escalates into a global conflict that totally destroys any chance that our cultures, civilization, technology, and best intentions can survive to grow into some semblance of a planet that we actually want to live on.

    I have no other solutions than  those which have already been given us, and in a scary recognition of the truth of this, I am not sure that we -including myself, even with a lifetime of following those truths- can stand up and be counted as having overcome adversity in favor of love, forgiveness, mercy, grace, and kindness.

    I can still love, and forgive, yet I am having distinct trouble with mercy, grace, and kindness. Of course this ultimately renders my best efforts futile and fallen.

    My pain – to me – is so great (physical, emotional, and spiritual) that it is becoming the standard and norm that I wake up to face each day.

    There are some reading this, who will claim that they have no idea what I am talking about, who feel that this does not apply to them. I submit however that they simply have not yet been truly put to the test. Thus, rather than dismissing this, it should betaken as a warning; The enemy is at the gates, and its time to gird for battle, not ‘business as usual.’
    Our planet and solar system is passing through vibrational fields of very large negative influence, as well as positive ones. These have been predicted, and now we witness them in unparalleled effect. When we pass through the negative, and are not prepared, things like what are happening in destructive negativity all over the planet happen with increasingly more power and with greater effect. Actions and words can divide families and friends, destroying peace, and inflicting wounds. Some of these cannot be healed and will remain as scars marring our reality for much time to come.

    During these phases, all we can do is hunker down, hold our tongues (one of my problems) and limit our movements to the necessary. Learning to recognize when these things are upon us so we can choose to abide without acting on them, is something we need to learn, and learn fast!

    But there is also the positive, when things are looking up, hope seems good, and the future is not only worth our investment, but supportive of our moment. Too often these times of opportunity have been squandered for such things as self-gratification, ego building, and entertainment.

    We must learn how,  and choose to act accordingly.

    Right now the negative is racking up quite a score, while the positive sits as mere concept rolling off our philosophical tongues, without much real practice or doing of it. This must change as well.

    Right now its; Adversary 1, Life and consciousness 0.

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