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      As the struggle to protect the earth, and right now the water, plays out at Standing Rock, there is an action of ego, prestige seeking, false representation, and opportunism being undertaken by some persons who consider themselves the ‘elders’ or ‘firsters’ of the Rainbow.

      Ever since the first ‘official’ gathering in Colorado in 1972, these people have been claiming special dispensations, such as a very loose interpretations of a speech that Grandfather David of the Hopi gave to the rainbow that year.

      From that they claimed to be an ‘adopted’ tribe of the Hopi, and the fulfillment of the ‘Rainbow Warrior’ prophecy.

      In reality they were in secret agreement with the US Government, to diffuse, distract, and discourage any potential revolutionary or anti war/ anti government movement. The rainbow gathering is/was a cultural people trap.

      Now that the entire global awareness is able to know and see what is really happening on planet earth right now, in as much as the corruption of nations worldwide is being revealed to any and all who would see, the same is happening with the rainbow hierarchy.

      The Real Rainbow is the people, the family of humankind. It is not ‘the rainbow family of living light’ -that reality has yet to come true.

      Right now the people of the world need to come together and end the Global Corporate Apartheid. But while we are doing it we may have to disassociate from the rainbow because it has been, and always was compromised.
      What being in the presence of so many people sincerely seeking truth, understanding, vision, and direction has taught us, is that no person is capable enough, knowledgable enough, or worthy enough to lead a fully conscious human being. It is the sovereign being themselves that must responsibly walk in their own footsteps, in their own way, and in their own manner.

      The reputation of the rainbow preceded them into the Standing Rock camp, and much ado has been made about the rainbow and standing rock. The Sioux and other tribal nations do not want them there.

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      Jagged star

      So true which is the very reasons we as family opted out of this whole thing years ago.

      Good to see it being finally brought to forefront consciousness


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      This is total propaganda. The water protectors are not, over all, being racist, but a minority of them are. The actual news and info from the camp -not from arbitrary web sites that just want a piece of the action- is about the confrontation between them and the mercenary police force that confronts them.

      While it has been made clear that this is a serious action, and the ‘traditional’ rainbow partiers have been told to  stay away, the call for true ‘Rainbow Warriors’ has gone out. If you get your info from ‘rainbow’ facebook sources, and do not know what the rainbow is about, you might assume that their references to rainbow warriors, and the prophecies concerning them were the ‘rainbow family‘ and/or those who attend the annual gatherings.

      Do not make this mistake.

      The fact is, though this is propaganda, that there is real evidence to support it; the rainbow gatherings have been more about party and individual extremism -like burning  man- for a few decades now.

      There are no perfect people, no sacrosanct ‘tribes’ or nations. We are all on this earth together. All of us are suffering under the boot of conquest. We all came to this continent as ‘colonists’ though some of the more racistfirst people‘ like to use that word along with ‘white’ as an insult and goad, as if the fact that they came here ‘first’ is somehow significant in the long run. It isn’t. This is just another justification for division and conflict. The actual prophecies of the Rainbow Warriors tells of the coming together of two worlds, not one world dominating the other. The prophecy is about the merging of culture, not the assimilation of one into the other, like the european conquest, or the insistence of tribal ‘authority’ that the ‘whites’ submit to their culture.

      As the whole earth family of human kind, we must find solidarity against the predatory, parasitical mind that has nearly conquered the entire world with its false values, false science, false civilization, false religions, and false law. We have much re-learning and much labor ahead of us. We can no longer languish in the excuses that our decadent and corrupt cultures have anything of real substance to offer us, and that we will lose what we have if we try to make it better. That propaganda of fear must be exposed entirely, and we must join together in a new way that includes all the best that the nations, tribes, and peoples have to offer.

      As a Rainbow Warrior, who did walk the Sacred Path to find the Truth, I belong to no tribe or nation  but the one that includes all of man. As the Real Rainbow Warriors make their presence known, this is one of the defining aspects of them. Anyone who claims any kind of exclusivity of any kind, is either an ignorant person, or a tool of the conquerors, regardless of racial or tribal affiliation.

      Rest assured, the so-called ‘rainbow family of living light’ is just a subcultural box to put spiritually weak (or unconscious) people in. It is a demarcation to keep division in place, and prevent unity.

      I suggest that serious people who want to see real change, find other alternatives to facebook.

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